15 College Essay Ideas That Will Help You!

Not every student can come up with an engaging and interesting essay topic. The majority still need help with ideas to write a great paper. There are several requirements to a good essay topic:

  • it must be provocative
  • actual to the modern time
  • spark the conversation.

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college essay ideas

15 College Essay Ideas

What’s “Green Energy” and what measures are being taken to adopt it?

The energy transition in developed Countries vs underdeveloped ones. What types of energy are being adopted, what are their impacts and cost. What are the barriers to delay their adoption and what is the public’s opinion about it?

Electric Cars vs Combustion Cars

A valid discussion these days as many people are positive towards the idea of owning an electric car but some of its technological limitations, availability, and price are still stopping them from adopting the change. The arguments in favor of internal combustion engines and what will be necessary to improve in our Cities to do the transition.

The battle between Veganism and Meat Consumption

Always a difficult battle, there has never been more focus in the meat industry with several documentaries and scientific papers calling for measures to limit its production. The benefits of a Vegan diet – is it really that life-saving? Won’t it need a lot of land space and resources to grow? Can a person live without meat?

The Discoveries

Centuries ago, Portugal, Spain and other European Nations set to Discover the World in what was to be known as “The Discoveries”. Vasco da Gama, Cristopher Columbus, they gave new Worlds to the World. Set their doings against the technology available at the time against ours. Focus on the size of the World known then and what was achieved with this progress.

The Moon Landings

One of Mankind’s greatest achievements, lots to be discussed on the subject. Its Political perspective, its technological breakthroughs, its main actors. As we set to go back to the Moon, what’s changed and what are the motivations?

Millennials: Their Place in the World

The first Millennials are now part of the workforce. In what ways are they changing the world and beating the concept that their Generation was going to struggle? What challenges do they face? What is the contribution of a Generation to its World?

Internet: Its Evolution

The Internet is now present in everything from our kitchen appliances to devices on the tips of our fingers. What was it like in the beginning? What great achievements have the Internet brought to Society, Commerce, Politics and the World around us? Did it take a toll on personal relations? Where will it take us in the future?

The Paris Agreement

In one of the greatest moments in Politics, were all actors at their best? What commitments have been made and what promises have been broken? Can we achieve its premise or are we chasing papers?

Climate Change: How To Stop It

An actual subject. What do the greatest scientific minds have to say regarding Climate Change and the actions required to stop it. What’s being done and what innovation is being brought to help mitigate its effects. What great difficulties it faces and what Countries are betting more on measures.

A Life without (almost) any Plastic

Plastic went from being a miracle to a big issue. What to do when we produce and waste more plastic than we can recycle? What are the impacts of plastic in the Natural World such as microplastic particles and the intoxication of marine ecosystems? What’s being done in this field and how to correct the harm already done.

The Rise of Extremism in Europe

Correlate with the events that led to the two World Wars as a growing feeling of dissatisfaction rises in Europe and gives room to the right and left-wing parties within Europe’s main Parliaments. What’s the cost of extremist and populist ideas and how to balance it all out.

Bullfights: Tradition or Torture

Focus on the Countries that still adopt Bullfights as “tradition”. Can the expression be an excuse to commit harm against another living being? What are the arguments in favor and the ones against it?

Religion’s Role in The Top Civilized Countries of the World

Is the Church still the main power? Beliefs aside, what is the role of the Church in Society and in Politics? What influence do they hold in the XXI Century within the World’s greatest Nations?

Brexit: An How-to Guide

A complex issue, but where did it all start and how did things got to where they are. What exit routes are there and what effects can it have in the World’s Economy. Check the role of the pro and against Campaigns.

Fake News

The role of Fake News in some Political regimes and elections. How are these spread and what are their main objectives. Who supports and funds them and with what objective.