How to do a movie review college assignment

So you’re in college and one class gives you a movie review assignment. What exactly do you cover in the review to complete this assignment? What would be the things to cover in the movie review. What should be covered in a written review but if you’re making a video review for YouTube or another video sharing site, there will be additional tips at the bottom.

movie review assignment

The obvious way to start the review is with the title of the movie and if the movie is from a series, something to cover in the beginning would be the history of what happened in this movie series before the movie you’re reviewing takes place. After explaining the events that lead to the opening of the movie, you also want to bring up if this movie that you are reviewing is based on something. Movies are based on video games and comics so you want to consult the source material to keep track of the movie is being faithful to whatever the movie is based on.

Another thing to cover are the main actors and actresses and what roles those actors and actresses are playing. You don’t have to cover every actor and actress one right after the other. A lot of reviews cover actors and actresses as they come on screen. It is best to not critique the performance of an actor or actress so you can keep the surprise of that person showing up until they show up in the movie. However, if someone did not a fit role correctly in your opinion, if you have suggestions, you can say who should have been included in that role if you have any suggestions.

Something else that should be covered in a movie review assignment is the plot of the movie. What are the characters working towards? Why are these characters interacting in a movie? A movie review will not work if the plot isn’t covered so as the movie uncovers the plot, reveal what the plot is. However, just like the part with actors and actresses, you don’t want to spoil the ending of the plot of the movie until you are close to ending the review.

If the movie is not in theaters, you might want to cover the success or failure the movie became. Some movies could fail in the box office but still, have a better reputation as time passed. So if it’s a movie that is no longer in theaters, the reputation of that movie is something to cover near the end.

Another thing to cover would be either your favorite scenes or scenes where the tables are turned in addition to scenes that are important to the plot. If you remember a scene from a movie regardless of how long it’s been since you watched the movie, there might be a reason why that scene is so important to you.

If you are making a movie review for a video sharing site, you can use a program to record your voice-overs but instead of using actual clips, it would be best to use still pictures of different movie scenes as you explain what is going on.

So these are the things that should be covered in a movie review assignment. Anything important to the plot and the success or failure that the movie became. Also, cover the main actors and actresses as well as the scenes that are the most memorable and move the plot further along.