Turning your assignment late in college – how to do it the right way!

Maybe you’ve ended your relationship with your girlfriend, you’ve got sick or perhaps you’re too busy with other things.

There are many honest reasons why you wouldn’t be able to turn in your assignment on time.

It may seem intimidating to ask for extra time to your professor, but most of them will be willing to hear your reasons.

turning assignment late

These are some useful tips on how to turn in your assignment late in college, the right way!:

1. Verify the rules of the course.

Before you ask the professor, find out what are the rules of the class. Knowing this you’ll be able to formulate your petition correctly.

Sometimes, they’ll include in which situations it’s allowed to skip a test or ask for additional time.

2. Make your request as quickly as possible.

It is much more possible that your professor will give you some extra time if you ask for it as soon as you realize you’ll not be able to finish the work on time.

Remember to speak to him face to face, this will show to him that you’re an honest person.

3. If you say you’re sick, show evidence.

For example, if you are ill, that’s a reasonable cause to ask for additional time to turn in your paper.

However, many teachers will ask for a doctor’s note, so always try to be prepared.

A simple way to ask would be:

“Excuse me, professor. I had a really bad flu during the weekend and I’d need a little more time to do the assignment. Is this possible? I can show you a doctor’s note if you need it”.

4. Be honest about your personal emergencies.

If you had a loss in your family or had any unexpected difficulty, this is a good reason to ask for that extra time.

Many professors will give you what you ask for. But don’t use this type of request too much and always have a way to prove your story, even when you had a real issue.

5. Let the professor know that you have a lot of work to do.

He may understand that you are overloaded with many classes and also have other important events going on in your life.

Saying to him: “I have another 3 papers to turn in that same day and I really want to take the time to give this assignment the attention that it deserves and write a good essay. I would appreciate if you could give 2 o 3 days to finish it”

6. Make your request in a group.

This is an efficient way to make this happen.

A group of students can collectively ask for extra time because you all have other homework to do or commitments that you must assist to, and you’ll not be able to finish the assignment in time.

If the petition is made by a big group or even the whole class together, the professor will be more inclined to give you that needed extra time.